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Dual Float

Dual Float

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Introducing PPG Smoke's Dual Float System—the industry's breakthrough solution for pilots navigating over water. Crafted from genuine Cordura fabric and featuring a quick-install Velcro mounting, this system is your gears safety net for both freshwater and saltwater flights, offering up to 300N of buoyancy within moments of water contact.

How It Works

Adaptable to paramotor, paragliding, SIV, and hang gliding scenarios, our Dual Float System employs an ingenious bobbin-trigger mechanism. Upon water contact, the bobbin dissolves, activating a CO2 cartridge that inflates the floatation bladder. Each of the units (left and right) can also manually inflate through an oral tube or pull-string, offering your paramotor floatation.


Its universal design fits most paramotor frames and includes versatile attachment points. Whether your rig has different frame diameters or harness straps, our system ensures rapid deployment without obstructions.


To reset, simply remove the used CO2 cartridge and bobbin, deflate the bladder, and replace the components. It's as simple as unscrew, deflate, and reload for your next overwater adventure.


  • Freshwater or Saltwater compatible
  • 4x Velcro® connection points
  • 2x Additional securement straps


    • 1x Left Float
    • 1x Right Float
    • 2x 33g CO2 Cartridges
    • 2x Bobbins
    • 2x Clips


      • Float Dimensions:  495mm x 114mm x 50mm
      • Bladder Dimensions: 482mm x 381mm
      • Individual Float Weight: 290g
      • CO2 Cartridge Weight: 145g
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