Headset Release June 26th - June 28th. Ordering Re-Opens June 8th

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the injection nozzle "clockable"

  • No. The nozzle is not rotatable in any direction. It uniformly injects fluid into the exhaust.

 Do people use these strapped to their leg?

  • It’s typically mounted to your harness, frame or other safe location. 

Where do you get the fluid that then creates the smoke from?

  • Baby oil works fine, it can be purchased locally at Target, Walmart, CVS etc...

Does this kit come with a a metering jet/spray nozzle kit?

  • Yes, the PPG smoke system is offered in individual parts or as an entire kit. The injection nozzle is metered to a specific flow rate for optimal fluid dispersion into the exhaust system of your ppg or paramotor.

Does spraying cold oil directly into the wall of the hot exhaust pipe cause cracking?

  • Yes, there is a chance that injecting cold fluid into the exhaust can caused problems. However, the injection nozzle has been designed with a long stainless steel portion. This design allows for heat to travel up the injection nozzle around 5". It enables the fluid entering the exhaust to undergo a temperature raise before entering. The opposite, would be "cooling" or designing an injection nozzle with fins - which can be extremely problematic. We have avoided this in the design.

Is it possible to hydrolock my engine with fluid?

  • On paramotors with a piston facing downward it's unlikely but possible to hydrolock your engine with fluid. This siphoning can occur on the remaining fluid in the line between the pump and injection nozzle. To prevent the fluid in the line from siphoning into your exhaust and potentially into the head, swap the location of the check valve by moving it close to the injection nozzle. As the engine exhaust cycle occurs it will cause the check valve to pressurize reducing the possibility.
    • Remove the pump line and check valve
    • Move the check valve  to 8cm from the injection nozzle

I have the smoke system installed, my engine hard starts and I am not sure why

  • Follow the same steps and procedures you would for reducing the possibility of a hydrolock. Swap the location of the check valve to be 8cm from the injection nozzle. Empty any fluid from the head by removing the spark plug and draining. Clean the head of any remaining fluid by using gasoline and slowly turning the engine over without the spark plug. Once empty and gasoline has evaporated be sure to clean your spark plug with gasoline. Remove any and all fluid from the system. Insert the spark plug and slowly turn your engine over to make sure it feels "normal". When you are ready, start your engine.