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Unleash precision with PPG Smoke's Dynamic Torque Lamels!

Experience the exhilaration of speed while maintaining complete control from torque. These groundbreaking dynamic torque lamels empower PPG pilots to fly straiter, with precision. Say goodbye to unwanted deviations caused by torque. These lamels are your steadfast companions in keeping your flights true and on course.

Dominate your engine with the remarkable torque-reduction power of PPG Smoke's dynamic lamels. Each lamel kit exerts an impressive 10 to 15 NM (newton metre) of offset force tailored precisely to the range of typical flight speeds. Securing them to your existing net is a breeze – simple zip ties ensure a snug fit, and you're ready to go.

Whether you're soaring with Air Conception, MiniPlane, Blackhawk, or any net boasting a 50-55mm horizontal spacing, our lamels seamlessly integrate for an immediate boost in performance. A single set is all you need to receive a complete set that includes 30 lamels – a balanced distribution of 15 counterclockwise and 15 clockwise. Their ingenious design empowers pilots to finely tune their flights based on variables like wing size, average forward speed, and RPM range during level flight.

Adjust your experience effortlessly by adding or removing lamels from your net. Test and refine until you achieve the optimal torque offset that suits your flying style. These groundbreaking lamels are not only revolutionizing your flights but also your budget. 

Costing a mere 1% of comparable market products, our production units are crafted using an advanced injection molding process. Crafted from 1mm lightweight glass fiber filled nylon, these lamels are exceptionally robust, non-breakable, and eco-friendly.


  1. Confirm your prop's rotation direction.
  2. Attach the lamels symmetrically using zip ties along the front, top and sides of your net, closest to the outer hoop.
  3. Begin testing with 10 to 15 lamels, adding or removing as required.

Kit Includes

  • 15 counterclockwise lamels
  • 15 clockwise lamels
  • Zip ties

Elevate your flying experience to new heights with PPG Smoke's Dynamic Torque Lamels – the ultimate fusion of precision, and control. Order now to redefine your flight dynamics with cutting-edge technology that propels you forward while eliminating unwanted leftward deviations.