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Float Recharge Kit

Float Recharge Kit

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Introducing the ultimate recharge kit for PPG Smoke Float System and U-Float - your solution for effortless system maintenance and rejuvenation. Designed exclusively for paramotor pilots who value gear safety and reliability, our kit ensures your aerial adventures are never compromised. Whether you're seeking a refresh for your float system or recovering gear from a water landing, the PPG Smoke Float Recharge Kit is your go-to companion.


  1. Replacement 33g CO2 Cartridges (2x): Our recharge kit includes two high-quality 33g CO2 cartridges, meticulously engineered to deliver optimal inflation performance. These cartridges provide the buoyancy your float system needs to keep you flying confidently.

  2.  Replacement Bobbins (2x): The heart of any float system, our kit includes two replacement bobbins crafted to exacting standards. Designed for durability and consistency, these bobbins ensure a controlled and reliable deployment, enabling you to maintain your safety with peace of mind.

  3. Replacement Clips (2x): The secure attachment of your float systems inflation system is crucial. With two replacement clips in the kit, you'll have the confidence that your float system is firmly and reliably fastened, ensuring a seamless integration with your aircraft.


  • Gear Safety: Keep your float system functioning at its best, allowing you to explore both land and water terrains with absolute peace of mind. We recommend a quarterly review, and a bi-yearly refresh.

  • Quick Restoration: After a water landing, easily reset and restore your float system's readiness with our comprehensive kit, reducing downtime and enabling you to get back in the air sooner.

  • Effortless Maintenance: The PPG Smoke Float Recharge Kit simplifies the process of maintaining your float system, ensuring it's always ready for action.

  • Compatibility Guaranteed: Tailored specifically for PPG Smoke's Dual Float and U-Float systems, our kit guarantees a perfect fit and optimum performance.

Don't let maintenance hold you back from flying. Experience the freedom of flight with the confidence that your float system is in top condition. Elevate your journeys with confidence and the ultimate choice for pilots who prioritize gear safety and reliability.

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