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U Float

U Float

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Presenting the PPG Smoke U Float: An unparalleled innovation, this cost-effective dual inflation system features a groundbreaking split & sealed bladder design. Designed with precision for paramotor, paragliding, SIV, and hang gliding pilots who navigate over water, the U Float stands as an industry-first solution.

Emerging from a deep understanding of unexpected flight contingencies, the U Float harnesses the power of genuine abrasion-resistant Cordura® fabric. Its 10-point Velcro® mounting system ensures swift installation in mere minutes, delivering up to 300N of buoyancy during water landings. Designed for reuse, the U Float effortlessly repacks after encounters with both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Our evolutionary designs tapered bladder exhibits a unique shape. Once inflated, the U Float expands markedly at the top, resembling a V, enabling optimal volumetric displacement where it's most crucial: behind your head.

Innovative Functionality

Catering to a spectrum of flight scenarios across paramotor, paragliding, and hang gliding, the U Float seamlessly adapts to diverse installation setups. When a water landing arises, specialized "bobbins" dissolve, releasing a puncture needle into the CO2 cartridge. This triggers bladder inflation, creating the buoyancy needed for a safe landing.

The U Float's dual-bladder design, with individual left and right bladders, holds a combined inflation capacity of up to 300N displacement—over twice the size of an adult life jacket. Alternatively, each bladder can be manually inflated via an oral inflation tube (both left and right) and a manual CO2 inflation pull-string.

Effortless Mounting

Installations vary across applications. The U Float System accommodates most paramotor frames, boasting 10 attachment points for versatile configurations. Its universal adaptability spans diverse frame widths and even harness shoulder straps. Mounting should ensure obstruction-free accessibility, reserve routing, and puncture-free bladders. Designed with subtlety in mind, the system blends discreetly until it's called into action.

Redundant Dual 33g CO2 Inflation System

Setting a new standard, the U Float integrates a dual CO2 inflation system for optimal redundancy. Independently heated-welded chambers house left and right bladders, enhancing comfort during challenging situations while providing ample space for the pilot's head.

Innovative Bladder Material

Complementing the two-piece float system, we've chosen a specialized material offering enhanced flexibility. The introduction of tapered bladders significantly impacts system packing and deployment considerations.

Adaptable for Weight-Shift or Fixed-Arms

Unlike designs tailored for specific uses, the U Float features a slightly narrower width, allowing for greater versatility. Unlike frame-based attachments that obstruct weight-shift systems, our design ensures uninterrupted control. It fits fixed arm, or weight-shift frame designs.

Enhanced Inflation System

Our meticulous approach extends to the inflation system itself. With an enlarged radiused nut and factory-set torque specifications, CO2 is distributed more efficiently from the cartridge to the bladder.

Robust Stitching

Every detail matters. Following feedback from industry experts, our chosen stitch pattern guarantees both the desired quality and security for pilots.

Reserve Compatibility

Safety remains paramount. In unforeseen situations, the vertical U Float mounting system accommodates existing reserve setups. It sits behind you, on your frame and "disappears" until needed.

Simple Recharge Process

Recharging is a breeze: unscrew the bobbin end cap and CO2 cartridge, disposing of the used items. Release all CO2 from the bladder, compress, and reseal. Insert the replacement components, and the U Float is ready for action.


  • 1x U Float
  • 2x 33g CO2 cartridges
  • 2x Bobbins
  • 2x Clips


  • U Float Dimensions: 495mm W x 635mm H x 19mm D
  • U Float Weight: 777g (excluding CO2)
  • CO2 Cartridge Weight: 137g each, 276g total


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