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See and Be Seen, Without Breaking the Bank

Harnessing the power and design of our wireless strobe systems, the PPG Smoke Single Strobe is an economical, non-wirelessly synced lighting solution for paramotor. Perfect for those who wish to chase the dawn or dusk without chasing the bank.

More Time, More Flight

Fall's shrinking daylight doesn't have to clip your wings. With our 24w aviation-grade LEDs, you can comfortably add an extra 30 minutes to both your sunrise and sunset flights, fully in line with FAR 103 regulations.

Lightweight Yet Heavy-Duty

Mirroring the design of its wireless sibling, this 58-gram strobe can be effortlessly tethered to your helmet or integrated into your wingtips. Powered by a compact lithium-polymer battery fortified with dual-circuit voltage protection, safety remains first.

With 8 LEDs, the Single Strobe distributes light more efficiently than ever. Choose between a traditional aviation pattern or a general blinking pattern to suit your flight style.

In essence, the PPG Smoke Single Strobe offers sky-high visibility without the sky-high cost. Light up your flights and keep your budget grounded.

Recharging & Flight Time


Charge the strobes individually with any standard micro USB cable in as little as 3 hours to provide a 3-mile visible strobe system for up to 2 hours.


  • 1x Strobe
  • 1x Tether mount leash
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 2x 3M VHB tape circles
  • 1x Strobe Mount

Mounting Options

  • Adhesive mount to a helmet
  • Drop into wingtip
  • Tether mount in wingtip


  • LED Count: 8
  • Battery Life: up to 2 hours
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 58g
  • Dimensions: 54x54x24mm
  • Lumens: 2080
  • Charging: USB-C
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