Strobe System
Strobe System
Strobe System
Strobe System
Strobe System
Strobe System

Strobe System

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As the paragliding and paramotor season winds down and fall sets in, your window of opportunity to fly is reduced by an hour. Now you can extend the smooth air morning and evening flight hours with 30w aviation-grade LEDs running on a synchronized TX (transmit) and RX (receive) system. Providing extra 30 minutes before sunrise and sunset flight time, in compliance with FAA103.

Mounted on your helmet with 3M VHB adhesive and dropped into your wingtips, this system is designed to be forgotten about until you need it. The wingtip strobes can remain powered on in sleep mode up to 100 hours without needing a recharge.

Powering on the master strobe automatically powers on any paired wingtip strobes without having to touch them. This means you can throw them in your wingtips and forget about them until you are ready to fly.

Paring & Synchronizing

  • Turn on the helmet strobe while holding down the tactile switch. The helmet strobe will begin flashing and broadcasting it's new unique pairing key. Leave the helmet strobe on, it’s ready to pair with any number of wingtip strobes.
  • To pair an RX strobe turn it on while holding down the tactile switch. The RX strobe will enter a pairing mode. The 4 LED’s on top will begin flashing in sequence. The wingtip strobe will now pair with any helmet strobe that it detects and synchronize.
  • Both units can now be powered off and their keys will be stored.

Recharging & Flight Time

Charge the strobes individually with any standard micro USB cable in as little as 3 hours to provide a 3-mile visible strobe system for up to 4 hours.

System Includes

  • 1x Master helmet strobe
  • 2x Slave wingtip strobes
  • 3x Tether mount leashes
  • 3x 3M VHB tape strips
  • 2x Clear, 2x Red, 2x Green LED diffusers
  • 3x Genuine Sony 18650VTC6 Batteries (optional)

Mounting Options

  • Tether mount in wingtip
  • Zip tie holes for frame, spars etc
  • Adhesive mount to helmet
  • Drop into wingtips
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    Strobe System
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    Strobes (need two)

    Legal Disclaimer: In no event shall our company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.

    FAA part 103.11 considers twilight periods 30 minutes before official sunrise and 30 minutes after official sunset or, in Alaska, during the period of civil twilight as defined in the Air Almanac, if: (1) The vehicle is equipped with an operating anti collision light visible for at least 3 statute miles; and (2) All operations are conducted in uncontrolled airspace.